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Usopp One Piece,

Usopp masters of snipers.

Name: Usopp (Stuttgart Grand King Disguised).
Affiliation: Straw Hat Pirates.
Go on a cruise: Lord of the sniper, the weapons.
Age: 17.
Gender: male
Date of Birth: April 1.
Bounty: 30,000,000 Brea.
Occupation: liar, sniper marksmanship, various weapons.
Dream: the exploits of the Sea Knight.

-30 million Brea.

In fact, it does not Usopp's bounty. But there is another part of the body that is Usopp. Zoe King Stuttgart itself. The King's bounty to 30 million Stuttgart Grand Bay.
Together and are known as "king of the snipers" nickname comes from the King Sovereign Stuttgart. Robin is a shot from the top of the batting at them.
At the lobby there was New S. Rob.

Usopp (Usopp) of the subject. One Piece. masters of snipers (King of Snipers), a sniper of the group Straw Hat Pirates. Usopp's long nose. Curly hair and a habit of cowardice, but if you have to be serious when it is dependable. Often have fiction and fantasy to tell other people heard especially Chopper. 


Usopp was born in the Black Sea on the island a chi ko (Gecko) grew up alone with his mother.Usopp's father is "fighting drugs left" (Yasopp) Gunner's Pirate Usopp red I hope that one day I will come back and get his mother out to sea together. 

Usopp's childhood with his mother.

Mother's illness from worsening. Usopp is because I think it's good. He began leasing the land in the village that the pirates to give you encouragement to continue. But his mother knew it was only a matter of lying and said that only Usopp Usopp is the proud origins of the pirates before her death. 

Usopp tried to take the car away from the house too.

Usopp met Rosamond Carr she lost her parents as well. He kept telling jokes to adventure Prix his car she listened to her with a smile until they. Luffy. presence with plot "with tons of amazing Lunch" (Kuro) Butler who is a former pirate himself. But it can be overcome by evil, and he also gave the car great for Boeing to thank Mary. Usopp leaving the group. pirates straw and the straw hat flag painted. 

The journey of a group of straw to "Water Seven" shipyard in the world. Usopp was attacked and Qing money to repair the ship to be indulging in the bad news that Mary can not be repaired. Usopp was angry to see Luffy. choose a new ship is the challenge and the results show that Usopp was beaten. 

Zoe King Stuttgart.

Usopp and Frankie. been captured by CP9 are the New S. lobby. Usopp realizes that the MD can not be repaired, and was ashamed to pose as "United Stuttgart King" (Sogeking) to help Robin's. , and was shot fighting the flag of justice the world to be. Bounty Bay is 30 million in the United King Stuttgart. 

Usopp shouted an apology for his crass.

The help of Robin. success Usopp back into the group, but I think the ship has sailed already. Usopp shouted regret and apologize for their stupid until Luffy. extends to retrieve Usopp aboard again. 

Usopp always ate the fat and flabby.

After the defeat against Goku Tama. Islands Tea on Andy Bond. Usopp is capable of , you do.teleported to the island Boeing (Boing Island), filled with plants, taste sweet and giant insects whose true identity of this island is to plant carnivorous giant will. Masters lure out of the water and the sea became victims. 

Usopp's training.

Usopp felt so lonely then I only eat a few extra pounds body fat even know it happened with Paul. , he is thought to be stronger. Usopp learn how to survive and plant them as weapons of "Hercules", who lived on the island until the same time to two years. 

Usopp and Nami are not met after two years.

Usopp traveled to Koh Bon tea good again by text at Luffy. submitted. He has a muscular body than before and with more confidence than ever before. 

Usopp dams it manages.

Groups straw arrival mermaid island. Usopp captured by troops of Ho great job of capturing it along with Brooke. and solo. later was released, he struggled with dams so that the leaders of the Pirate Mermaid and overcome by Green Seal, which he have learned in the last two years. 

Robin and Zoro Luffy Usopp vs Dragons.

Groups straw arriving punk Hazard. Usopp unfortunately have to ship a mini Mary to explore the island fighting with Luffy. Venice. and Robin Green. subsequent management giant dragon, he is seeded Green Star, a banana boat to cross the river to the island of ice. The boat capsized during the attack but survived because Brooke. had saved up. 


Group of straw and allies escaped from the laboratory of Caesar. Usopp shooting meteor hit the shield and shoot Buffalo News shackles rock Cairo Seki. nab Caesar. took hold.


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