Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shiryu: Shiliew One Piece,

Ryu Shi of Rainfall. Wong, a Former Tigers unwise Impel Touchdown.

Shia Ryu (Shiryu: Shiliew) of the subject. One Piece. Former Prison warden Underworld Sea Impel Touchdown NICKNAME Shia Ryu of Rainfall (Shiryu of the Rain: Ame no Shiryu) Shia Ryu was incarcerated Awaiting judgment. In the sixth grade because of a serious crime by killing prisoners in cold blood without a reason.

Ryu Shi of the results.

Although the name has crafted a felony not Lost. Magellan. , but the ability of the Shia Ryu has not been Exposed too much to subject the Sword he used to deal with these guards and Shia Ryu also know the weaknesses of. Magellan. It is an Antidote. of. Magellan.

Ryu Shi found Blackbeard.

Because Ryu Shi was released from Prison. Magellan. want him to deal with the Invading Pirate Blackbeard in Impel Touchdown. Ryu Shi, they choose to help them. Technocracy. , by delivering drugs to Neutralize and cooperative play. Magellan. Well as Deadly.

Ryu Shi journey to the New World.

Ryu Shi traveled to Marine Ford, along with. TechCrunch. Pirate Blackbeard and a Member of the Most Vicious criminals in history and should not exist in the World. Shia's total Attack against Blackbeard. Beard White. as Death. To have the ability of. TechCrunch. makes. them think that their decision not to join the pirate Blackbeard and a journey into a new world.


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